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'More Than a Bucket List'
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More Than a Bucket List: Making Your Dreams, Passions and Faith a Reality by Toni Birdsong (Thomas Nelson)

Nicholas Sparks wrote that “life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time.” In her new book, More Than a Bucket List — Making Your Dreams, Passions and Faith a Reality, author Toni Birdsong challenges readers to live each of their days fully — to seize and act on their dreams. Divided into thematic small chapters and lists, the book explores many different avenues — interesting places to visit; living more compassionately; wisdom from Grandpa; embracing laughter; learning new skills. From small steps (learn a magic trick, adopt a pet, paint a room a new color) to big dreams (ski the Alps, sail around the world, live in a foreign country), there is something here for everyone.

Birdsong advises to “Do one thing a month that scares you,” to keep that sense of adventure alive, regardless of age. Indeed, studies have shown that trying new things offers a range of benefits, from the creation of new neurological connections in the brain to increased confidence and courage.

Birdsong also knows that as Christians, our hearts will be most fulfilled if we keep our faith in God the most important priority. She gently urges us to view our accomplishments through a biblical perspective and to make our bucket lists matter eternally, including many Scripturally guided suggestions for drawing near to God, growing in character and serving others.

Whether one is 5 or 95, there are ideas here to renew the mind, strengthen the body, enhance creativity and nourish the soul. If you pick up this book for yourself or for a loved one, you will not be disappointed — it’s a great start to a new year!