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Mother’s Voice Is In My Heart
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I had been pondering giving a special Dottie Rambo Scholarship for a two-day, creative writing workshop Dony and I frequently conduct called “The Writing Room.” We had considered several talented people as potential candidates but just weren’t sure who should be chosen.

One morning I was in my dressing room putting on makeup and the strangest thing happened... it was as if Mom was sitting next to me. “I want to invest in the next generation,” her voice in my soul whispered. “Give the first scholarship to Solveig Leithaug’s daughter, Kari. She has the gift.”

As quickly as I heard her, it was over. Only the fragrance of her perfume lingered. Tears flowed as I called Dony to share the precious experience. He simply said, “Sounds like Mama Dottie knows what she wants.” We were so thrilled when, days later, Kari Henderson graciously accepted this honor. Our dear friend and celebrated artist, Jeanne Gooden, heard about our idea and generously donated the necessary funds.

Everyone at “The Writing Room” was impressed with this darling young lady. Kari has traveled to many nations participating in mission work and has such a compassionate spirit…so much like her mom, Solveig. Her quirky slant with lyrics and fresh musical approach lit up the class. I listened to Kari share wonderful writings and sensitive stories from each exercise she completed. Call me crazy, but I could almost see Mama grinnin’, “I told you she has the gift!”