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Music for the Soul Releases "Broken to Bless"
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Has there ever been a song that ministered to your heart in a way that the spoken word could not? The staff of the ministry Music for the Soul believes that "music, particularly as expressed in a song, is one of God’s greatest gifts of communication, with the power to speak healing straight to people’s hearts where words alone can often fail." You may recognize the organization's name, as we've featured them several times in Homecoming Magazine. Gloria Gaither really appreciates the work of this ministry.

Founded in 2001, they have released music that speaks to many situations in which people may be hurting—cancer, suicide, pornography, loss, eating disorders, sex trafficking and many more.

Steve Siler, an accomplished songwriter and music producer, is the founder of Music for the Soul. More than 500 of his songs have been recorded by top artists in the Christian, pop, and country markets. However, Siler has never before sung on a Music for the Soul project ... until now. Newly released is Broken to Bless, a CD that shares his personal heart and voice.

In the words of one reviewer, the collection is a “soulful, gentle, soothing, tender tribute to the most broken among us.” Siler communicates how God’s love is there to meet those who are suffering, and how we as followers of Christ can be a blessing to others. The 11 songs include “Innocent Child,” “The Apology” and “Nothing Is In Vain,” as well as “Not Too Far from Here,” which struck a chord in thousands of hearts when it was performed on “Good Morning America” following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1996. Visit