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Nelons' Home Is Burglarized
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The Nelons have had a lot of great things happening lately, but they had a pretty tough bump in the road last week. They posted the following on June 9:

Dear Facebook family, we ask that you please pray for Kelly. She is at home because the doctor asked her to stay home to rest and recoup. We left about two hours ago and she just realized we were robbed. Very quick job, because we have a house sitter that stays home with our dogs, but what they have taken (that we can tell at this quick moment) is four MacBook Pros, $2000 cash, broke our safe but didn't get inside it, stole all of Kelly's jewelry and family heirloom jewelry passed down from her mother. There are also instruments and, studio gear missing, and maybe more. Police are there now and I've called my brother-in-law Todd to be with her tonight. Horrible feeling, after a strenuous day.

We place our trust in God's Mighty Hands!

We have not heard if any of the Nelons' stolen merchandise has been recovered, but the family's faith is strong, and they have taken again to social media to express their thoughts. Jason Clark posted this about what "home" really means to him:

Home. It's not necessarily this house and these four walls. We've seen how fragile and temporal this place can be in the events of last week. Walking in this place for the first time since the robbery is a strange feeling but Im reminded this isn't really home in a sense. No, home to me is Kelly Nelon Clark, Autumn Nelon Clark, Amber Nelon Thompson.

Though my plans for the day are altered, because my studio was stolen, my safe broken, I have an appointment with investigators, and (even as I write this) security systems are being installed ... my eternity has not been shaken. My Rock is Jesus and in Him I place my life and the lives of my wife and children. I'm glad to be home but home isn't a place, it's family, and my Father is the maker and keeper of us all.

And Amber Nelon Thompson shared her feelings about the experience, as well as her prayers for the burglar, in this open letter:

To the person who robbed our house,

I have tried to come up with reasons in my mind of why you would do this. I have wondered over and over again why our family? I suppose I will never know the answers to those questions.

I have wondered who you are and what your life must be like right now for you to be so bold to walk into a family's house and take their belongings. Your life must be sad and empty, or maybe you're just trying to survive by selling it. However your life may be, you must be at a low point.

And even though it is easier for me to be upset and it is easier for me to want to hate you, God's word tells me to pray for you. So that's what I've been doing. I have been praying for you and your life and asking God to speak to you and reach you somehow. I hope that God shows you how wrong your choices have been but also shows you how much He still loves you in spite of it. You don't have to live your life like this.

The way you have made my family feel these past few days is something that will take a while to get over. You've taken precious things from us and you've taken our security. So I will continue to pray for you, I will continue to ask God to help you so that you can live a better life than what you are living now. I will continue to pray so that no other family has to go through what we have gone through. But most importantly I will pray that if you don't know Jesus, that you will give your heart to Him very soon. Jesus has forgiven a thief before and he was right beside him.