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New Friend, Greg Ritchie
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(Pictured right: Kevin and Greg Ritchie)

As a worship pastor I want to bring in artists for our church who will bring a great message, and when I arrived at my current church last January, I e-mailed Greg Ritchie about Charlotte coming to our church. Over the course of a few months leading up to the concert, Greg and I were in pretty regular communication about the concert. Unfortunately he could not come out with Charlotte because the Vocal Band was in Europe. However, when my wife and I went to Family Fest I wanted to make sure I introduced myself and put a face with the person on the other end of the e-mail. It was such a great time getting to meet and talk with him in Gatlinburg. Since then I have been able to talk with him about ideas and build a great friendship. There are not many other places that you have opportunities like this and it shows how amazing each artist is!

Kevin Uhrich
Cheyenne, Wyoming