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One day as I was having fellowship with the Lord, it came to my mind that probably many who were in that crowd on crucifixion day got caught up in what others were saying. Perhaps it wasn’t even their belief, but they went along with the crowd. As I like to write poems, songs and articles, these words came to mind. My husband and I enjoy your publication, and we appreciate the fact that you publish the musing of your readers.

Ocean City, Maryland

A Love Poem from Jesus

When somebody said, “Crucify Him,”
Somebody else praised His name.

When somebody said, “Just deny Him,”
Another said “No” and their life was changed.

When somebody said, “Don’t believe Him,”
Someone said “His word is true.”

When somebody said, “Crucify Him,”
His blood ran down and said “I love you.”

                                                             —  Ellen Moore-Banks