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NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw Joins the Isaacs Onstage
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The audience at a recent Isaacs concert in Texas was pleasantly surprised when NFL legend Terry Bradshaw joined Sonya, Becky, Ben and Lily onstage and sang the gospel classic, "What a Day That Will Be." Who knew the Isaacs and Terry were such good friends? And who knew this Pro Football Hall of Famer could sing?

Becky explains, "Sonya met Terry at the BMI awards a few years back. When she shook his hand and introduced herself, he immediately knew who she and the Isaacs were. Sonya didn't believe him and said, in a joking manner, 'I don't believe you.' He immediately started singing, 'I Have a Father Who Can,' a song we recorded 25 years ago.

"He went on to say, 'Yeah, your brother wears those cool hats and plays that big bass.' Then she knew he was serious. They exchanged numbers that night, and he texted her the very next day. That began a friendship with all of us.

"Six months after we became really good friends on the phone, he flew to Nashville and took our families out to eat to get to know everyone. We are always trying to get our schedules together so we can visit, and you can only imagine how difficult that is. He happened to be off Saturday night and close to where we were in Pollok, Texas.  We got to visit and sing together, and we had a blast.

"Terry is such a wonderful man. He loves Southern Gospel music.  He grew up singing and loving groups like the Statesmen, Jake Hess and many more. He shared with us how he and his mother would sing along with those old quartet songs. Anyone can see how much He loves the Lord! It has been an honor for our families to become so close."

Click here to watch as Terry performs with the Isaacs!