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'No Place to Hide'
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No Place to Hide
by W. Lee Warren, M.D.


Dr. Lee Warren was a busy neurosurgeon in a trauma center before shipping off to serve with the Air Force in Iraq in 2004. But while working in a tent hospital at Joint Base Balad, he quickly realized that his experience with trauma had only just begun.

In No Place to Hide (Zondervan), Dr. Warren shares a gripping account of not only the physical war going on all around him, but also the intense inner war he faced there — and back at home. The heart-wrenching stories, interspersed with emails written to family and friends while in the combat zone, take readers right into the midst of his journey.

Accustomed to being in charge of everything, in Iraq Dr. Warren found himself in a situation where he could control virtually nothing. The constant barrage of mortar attacks, the emotional toll of seeing young lives slip away after valiant efforts to save them, the exhaustion — all of it brought him to his knees, to a greater dependence on God than he had ever known.

Be advised: Dr. Warren does not sugarcoat his experiences, and the detailed descriptions of horrifi c injuries are graphic. He honestly and achingly shares about the tragedy of war, as well as the lingering effects of PTSD after he returned home. But scenes of hope shine brightly amid the carnage — moments of compassion, faith and amazing courage. As Dr. Warren reaches the very limits of himself, he is met by the God who never lets go.

No Place to Hide reminds us of the incredible sacrifices made by so many who have bravely served their country. Yet it also encourages us that no matter how bleak our circumstances may seem, God is still able to bring light into the darkness.