“Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.”
— Tomb of the Unknowns

I’ve seen it happen countless times.

A gifted preacher delivers a fresh, anointed message and other ministers in the crowd start scribbling their own sermon ideas. A talented singer/songwriter shares his or her latest work and other writers with listening hearts begin penning their unique compositions. An artist shares wondrous creations at a gallery showing and other artisans begin drawing in their sketchbooks.

Why? Because everything in the Kingdom procreates “kind after kind.” Inspiration breeds inspiration. Beauty begets beauty. Art reproduces art. Story engenders story. Creativity spawns creativity. Music gives birth to music. Songs beget songs. The children of wisdom are wisdom. Spiritual euphonies spin into other spiritual euphonies.

A beautiful example…

In 1998 Janet Paschal called Bill and Gloria to share with them the heartwarming story of God using her beloved song, “Another Soldier’s Coming Home,” for a very special memorial service. (Read Janet’s wonderful telling of this on page 60.)

On May 11, 1972, First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie’s aircraft was shot down in South Vietnam. Because of a lack of sufficient dental records and partial remains, he was interred in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. Twenty-six years later, with the help of DNA testing, Michael was finally identified and laid to rest with full military honors in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

This soldier was finally home.

Michael’s parents requested that Janet Paschal be invited to sing her stirring tribute song that she had originally written for her grandfather. All the major networks and news affiliates were present to chronicle and record this historic event.

Janet shared a link with Bill and Gloria to a video of not only her singing but highlights of others speaking in this moving ceremony. William S. Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense (1998), declared, “It may be that forensic science has reached the point where there will be no other unknowns in any war.”

Bill and Gloria were so proud of Janet, and as they sat watching through tears, Gloria whispered, “There has never been an unknown soldier in the army of the Lord. He’s always had our DNA. There is never such a thing as someone lost on the battlefield. He knows exactly where everyone is: whether in deepest Africa or in the bottom of the sea … He knows. When one of His falls … He knows. He knows exactly who they are, where they belong and who their families are. Not one of His is lost!”

No missing in action … No Unknown Soldiers.

Her pencil was sharp as Gloria began listening to the Voice of creation, crafting this stellar lyric. One poignant moment of clarity and inspiration began to birth another poignant experience for not only Gloria but so many others as well. Later, her stirring lyric inspired the incomparable Lari Goss to compose the perfect musical score to complement such a fresh, yet timeless truth.

The spark of creativity continued when Ernie Haase and Signature Sound first heard “No Unknown Soldiers.” They were inspired to honor the song and message with a lush, fully orchestrated arrangement, featuring it on their Dream On project.

Every time I hear their rich instrumentation, spot-on vocals and this majestic modern-day anthem, I want to stand at attention and salute our heavenly Commander in Chief.

There are no unknown soldiers, God knows them all by name!