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NQC Music Awards 2013
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The 2nd  Annual NQC Music Awards were held Friday, September 13, 2013. Jeff Easter and Kevin Williams were the jovial co-hosts of the program, providing lots of laughs, and the entertainment was also top-notch, with some of Southern Gospel's best artists and groups taking the stage. The show paid tribute to the year's best songs with performances from each Song of the Year nominee.

Through the NQC "Free Friday" campaign featuring a free webcast of the day's events, this year's awards show reached fans in 26 different countries.

Most of the award winners were determined by popular fan vote, with five categories being decided by industry members. The National Quartet Convention is grateful to the loyal voting base for their involvement throughout the process.

And without further ado, here's the list of winners! Congratulations to everyone!


Awards Chosen by Fans:
Soloist of the Year
     Guy Penrod

Mixed Group of the Year
     The Collingsworth Family

Male Group of the Year
     Booth Brothers

Alto Singer of the Year
     Sheri Easter

Baritone Singer of the Year
     Jim Brady

Musician of the Year
     Kim Collingsworth

Soprano Singer of the Year
     Kim Hopper

Tenor Singer of the Year
     David Phelps

Lead Singer of the Year
     Ronnie Booth

Bass Singer of the Year
     Eric Bennett

Video of the Year
     Brian Free & Assurance “I Want to Be That Man”

Song of the Year
     Booth Brothers, “I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir”

Album of the Year
     The Perrys, Through the Night

Awards Chosen by Music Industry Personnel:
Songwriter of the Year
     Dianne Wilkinson

Producer of the Year
     Ben Isaacs

Concert Promoter of the Year
     Landon Beene

Radio Stations of the Year
     WGUS, Augusta, GA and KWFC, Springfield, MO

Les Beasley Impact Award
     Herschend Properties

Performances by:
Gaither Vocal Band, “Glorious Freedom”

The Perrys, “I Got a Hold of God This Morning”

The Kingdom Heirs, “Just Beyond the Sunset”

Legacy Five, “I’m Still Amazed”

Triumphant Quartet, “Take It From Me Meshach”

Greater Vision, “He Didn’t When He Could Have Passed By”

The Hoppers, “He Didn’t Just Carry the Cross, He Carried Me”

Booth Brothers, “I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir”