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Movie Spotlight: "October Baby"
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October Baby

Making its theater debut March 23, 2012, coming-of-age film October Baby is the poignant story of a young lady who, during her college years, learns that she was actually adopted…after a failed abortion attempt. Experiencing many emotions — bewilderment, anger, confusion — Hannah (played by Rachel Hendrix) turns to her oldest friend Jason (played by Jason Burkey) for support.  She joins him and a group of friends for a Spring Break road trip, beginning a journey to look for clues to her hidden past and find hope for her unknown future.

Dealing with controversial subjects that can’t always be neatly resolved, the film ultimately strives to express themes of faith, hope, forgiveness and redemption…and to bring healing to those who may have wrestled with these topics in their own lives.

The movie was inspired by the real-life story of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, who deals with cerebral palsy resulting from her premature birth.  She is now very active as a pro-life advocate, songwriter and national speaker.