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'Old Glory'
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I am a songwriter, and this is a poem I wrote about what our flag, our God and our country mean to me. I hope you enjoy it.

— Gregory Watson
Pine Mountain, Georgia

Old Glory

When we pledge allegiance to the flag and we say
Under God, Indivisible, these words they have to stay.
For if it wasn’t for our God, giving His only Son
We would still be lost in sin, our battle would not be won.

The flag still stands for freedom, made by men whose lives were lost
But let’s remember the first flag waving high upon the cross.
He was raised upon the cross for all the world to see
So when I see our country’s flag, this is what it means to me.

The stars are for the Heavens, where we’ll live eternally
The stripes are the ones He bore when He died upon the tree.
The red is for the blood He shed so we could be made free
The white is how He cleansed our sins with all His purity.

The blue is for the sea of life, where our sins are tossed
When we choose to give our life to the man upon the cross.
So when you think of all the men who gave their life for Old Glory
Remember the time when Glory gave His life for you and me.