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Oslo Bell Tower Playing Solveig's "Faraway Lullaby"
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As we told you in November, Homecoming artist Solveig Leithaug’s beautiful “Faraway Lullaby,” from her album Finding Home, was chosen to be an official ritornelle played by the carillon in Oslo’s City Hall bell tower. The song joins a carefully curated list which includes offerings by Debussy, Grieg, Leonard Cohen and Michael Jackson, as well as Norwegian artists Alf Prøysen and Egil Hovland. "Faraway Lullaby" will be played each evening at 8 p.m. through late spring.

The inspiration behind the song came from a very personal place for the Homecoming artist. It is a lullaby "for all moms and dads who are unable to be with their kids at bedtime," inspired partly by [Solveig's husband] Jim Chaffee’s reflections on his own sons. With a sweet, wistful tone, Solveig's lyrics express that heart-pull that so many parents have experienced at times:

Lady moon is keeping vigil
I'm keeping vigil too
Though I'm far away
My heart is there with you

Solveig sent a video which captures "Faraway Lullaby" being played from the bell tower at Oslo's City Hall. Of course, the bells do not have the full range of major/minor chords, but the haunting melody is still clear. To hear Solveig's recording for comparison, just click here.

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