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Prayer Request for the Brady Family
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Jim and Melissa Brady have suffered a great deal of loss in the past year and a half. Jim lost his father, Rev. Charles Brady, in September 2015, and then his sister, Deborah, in October 2015. In April 2016, Melissa's mother, Sue Shuler, passed away, and the couple also suffered the loss of a friend in November 2016.

Now, Jim has lost another family member. His oldest brother, Chuck (Charles Brady Jr.), was killed in a car accident just after Christmas, on the evening of December 26.

Jim posted this on Facebook on December 27:
My heart hurts as I say goodbye to my big brother. He went to be with Jesus last night after a car accident. He was my biggest supporter, my friend and a great brother. I'm sure he's already catching up my dad & sister on all the family news, as only he can. I love you, Chuck!

Prayers are appreciated for the Bradys and their family members as they mourn this loss.