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Prayer Request from Blackwood Brothers Quartet
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The Blackwood Brothers Quartet has requested prayer for lead singer Michael Helwig. Dove Award winner Helwig, formerly known from groups such as the Stamps Quartet, the Wilburns, the Williamsons, the Dixie Echoes and Promise, joined the Blackwood Brothers Quartet in late 2012. 

In mid-2015, Helwig was diagnosed with MS, but the diagnosis was changed to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) in spring of 2016. ALS is a progressive neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of its ability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe. 

In the face of this grave diagnosis, Helwig referenced Matthew 26:39 as he told a fellow quartet member that Jesus' prayer for God's will over His own was no less than he could ask for himself. He said that would be his example in facing his own circumstances.

According to his social media posts, Helwig has been dealing with multiple symptoms including leg and hand weakness, trouble swallowing, and some trouble getting enough air. To aid his breathing and posture as he performs with the quartet, the tech-minded singer invented a clever device involving a back brace and two blood pressure cuffs with the hoses routed into one.

According to the quartet's Facebook page, yesterday morning, (Jan. 29), Helwig passed out in his wheelchair during the group's Sunday morning performance at a church in Arizona. He later posted, "Thank you all so much for your prayers, I'm not sure what all happened this morning. All I can tell you is, while I was singing, I started starving for air. Then I went blind, I literally couldn't see anything. I tried blinking and looking around. Then the next thing I remember I was in my bunk on the bus rolling down the road." 

Prayers are appreciated for Helwig, as well as his wife Leslie and their three children, as they continue to fight this battle.