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Prayers Appreciated for the Nelons
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Prayers are appreciated for Homecoming artists the Nelons, as they are undergoing some personal trials during this holiday season. Today (Tuesday, November 29), Kelly is undergoing her second surgery to remove kidney stones (following her first operation on November 3rd). She hopes to be able to get back on the bus this Friday, December 2, and has requested prayer for extra strength.

At the same time, Jason Clark's mother, Linda, is recovering from a quadruple heart bypass which took place Monday, November 28. Mrs. Clark cares for several Alzheimer's patients and was preparing to serve Thanksgiving dinner to her patients and their families when she suffered a heart attack.

She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, with 100 percent blockage to her main artery. Following the bypass, the surgeon reported that Mrs. Clark had congestive heart failure, but that the surgery was successful. She also developed MRSA, for which she is being treated with strong antibiotics. 

On Monday morning, Jason posted that though he is normally a strong person, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything. He was concerned for his mother and also feeling badly that he couldn't be with Kelly during her operation, since he was with his mother in a different state. 

He wrote, "I just stopped and said 'Lord it's too much; I lay this at your feet. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.' I'm so thankful to God, He's opened up the portals and bowed down the heavens to be near us today. We serve a wonderful Savior."
Prayers are appreciated for the family during this time, and they have also requested prayer that Mrs. Clark's Alzheimer's patients will not be too uneasy while she is unable to care for them. 

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