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Q & A with Janet Paschal
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Multiple Dove and Grammy nominee Janet Paschal is always a favorite on the Homecoming stage, and her beautiful voice and inspiring attitude have endeared her to audiences around the world. After singing for many years with the LeFevres (which later became the Rex Nelon Singers) and the Jimmy Swaggart Crusade team, she has released numerous solo recordings, authored two books, and has been featured on countless Homecoming tapings and live events in addition to her own concert dates.

After her own journey back to health following a battle with breast cancer diagnosis that began in 2005, Janet recorded the album Sounds Like Sunday, which benefits breast cancer research. She works regularly with the American Cancer Society, and one of her tours benefits them directly.

In addition to continuing her solo career and writing the "Good Road" column for Homecoming Magazine, Janet made the decision to return to school a few years ago. Here, we caught up with this busy lady to ask a few questions:

Homecoming Magazine: You have graced the Homecoming stage and appeared in the videos numerous times. Would you remind our readers how you became acquainted with the Gaither Homecoming family?
Janet: I remember the first time I met Mr. Gaither. I was in the studio recording a project for Word, and someone told me he may come by later. I couldn't believe I would finally get to meet him.

A couple of days later, Gloria called me at home and said she'd like to meet for lunch sometime. I was speechless. These were legends! Mr. Gaither invited me to join their tour that included the Vocal Band and the Cathedrals. Those were some of the most amazing concerts I'd ever been a part of. Sometime later, the video tapings began and I was invited. It was awesome to sing with my heroes and to come to know them as friends.

HC: We know that you are back in school now ... what an admirable, and I'm sure not easy, thing to pursue. You've completed your bachelor's degree and are now on to your master's, right?
Janet: Yes, I received my undergrad in May and am on schedule to receive my master's in May 2017.

HC: And remind us of your course of study?
Janet: I am in pursuit of a master's degree in Accounting. (I know....:)))

HC: What inspired you to return to school?
Janet: I returned to school because I began traveling professionally at 18 years old. I always promised myself that, one day, I would earn my degree. I always felt that I missed a chunk of knowledge and, sure enough, it is an enriching experience.

HC: Since you are busy with your studies, how often do you perform?
Janet: I have limited my traveling to one weekend a month, and even that has proven challenging sometimes. The master's program is very intensive and demanding. My "old brain" hits a wall with some frequency. :)

HC: You have had an impressive career, performing everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Sydney Opera House to the Grand Ole Opry. How has your ministry changed over the years, or what has it taught you? 
Janet: In a song once I wrote, "The more I think I've learned, the less I find I really knew," and that is a situation I relive daily. Every day I ask the Lord to help me be successful with the rock-bottom basics of being a good representative of Him. It amazes me that I am such a slow learner—and that He is so longsuffering!

Do you relate to audiences differently than you did at the start? 
After I was sick in 2005, I felt audiences saw me as a little more legitimate—they had walked through breast cancer with me and they were very supportive. It seemed to validate what I did.

HC: What advice would you give to a budding artist?
Janet: I tell budding artists to press in to where He is leading them. They could never, ever chart a course that will prove as challenging, exciting or as gratifying as He will. Don't waste your time trying to put God in a box.

HC: Your writing is so beautiful and insightful. Do you have any more books in the works?
Janet: Actually, I've some songs and a new book in the works. Just trying to find enough hours to flesh them out.

HC: Do you have any special plans for Christmas or New Year’s? 
Janet: We are spending Christmas with our families—I feel so blessed to have my parents still, both healthy and delightful. I've often said that, given an option to choose someone with whom to be stranded on a desert island, I would choose them. Of course, I'd have to have my husband, too, as he is one of those guys who would find a way to rescue us from the island. He would do it!