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The March/April issue of Homecoming was terrifi c! I especially appreciated all the poetry, because I have been writing with/for the Lord for 30 years and design our original Christmas card each year. I like to say that they are not masterpieces, but rather “pieces of the Master.” Each one has a story of a need, inspiration of Creation or scripture. I’d love to share this poem of mine with Homecoming readers.

Whenever my husband asks, “What shall we watch on TV tonight?” my answer is always the same — the Gaithers! We have a lot of your CDs as well. Many thanks for your passion and performances.

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God’s face is on the mountain, His shadow’s on the land

I hear Him in the forest, see His footprints in the sand

He whispers in the willows and rustles in the grass

He smiles from each flower in the garden as I pass

He laughs upon the foaming waves, He winks through clouds above

Embraces me with breezes and in music sings His love

He kisses me with sunshine, caresses me with rain

He comforts me with friendship that holds my hand in pain

It’s true that God is everywhere, on earth and sky and sea

But miracle of miracles, He comes to live in you and me!