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Remembering An Uplifting Cruise With The Gaithers
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(Pictured right: The Blevins with Connie and Claude Hopper)

It was almost four years ago that we returned from an Alaska Cruise with you. Our kids had given it to us for our 61st wedding anniversary. We still say it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to us, even though my husband is a retired minister and we have had many, many blessings in our lives!

We love all of the Homecoming Friends and we love Homecoming Magazine. I tell our friends it is just like reading the Bible — our lives are touched by reading it.

And we love all the videos and DVDs. We are so looking forward to our next cruise with Bill and Gloria and all the Homecoming Friends. I’m enclosing a picture of us with the Hoppers from the 2007 cruise. They are so gracious and we love to hear them sing.

— Annie (Ruth) Blevins,
Hempstead, Texas