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Review: 'A Year of Living Prayerfully' by Jared Brock
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A Year of Living Prayerfully

Growing up in the church, Jared Brock and his wife Michelle were well versed in the Christian faith, but over time, as their lives became busier, they began to feel that something was missing. Yearning to learn more about the power of prayer, the couple embarked upon a modern-day pilgrimage — a yearlong, 37,000-mile voyage exploring Judeo-Christian prayer traditions around the world.

With honesty, wonder and a huge dose of wit, Jared gives his account of their story in A Year of Living Prayerfully. Whether he is dancing with Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn, eating lunch at the pope’s house, dodging trouble in North Korea, burning his clothes at the end of the Camino de Santiago, or walking across a bed of hot coals, Jared’s reflections on the journey are simultaneously refreshing, entertaining and inspiring. As he and Michelle are reminded, prayer is above all, relational: “One year ago, prayer was a way of asking things from God. Today it has a prized new definition for me: prayer is simply a constant communion with Christ.”