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Review: 'Staying Is The New Going' by Alan Briggs
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Staying Is The New Going:
Choosing to Love Where God Places You


Many Christians would like to spread the gospel, but they are not sure how to begin, especially in a somewhat disconnected and suspicious culture. In his new book, Staying is the New Going, pastor Alan Briggs reveals that in our quickly changing society, the flavor of sharing our faith needs to become more relational and long-term..

“Faithful presence in communities takes time, much like gardening,” he says. “Establishing trust takes time and intention.” Briggs recalls when God gave him “missionary lenses” to see the cracks in his own neighborhood. Despite some hesitation, Briggs and his family became much more intentional about creating connection with their neighbors. Through his own experience and inspiring stories from others, he shares creative ways that we can each make an eternal impact on our own corner of the world.