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Review: 'The Comeback'
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The Comeback
by Louie Giglio

Many have sung or written about “the God of second chances.” Others just call it “grace.” Louie Giglio, in his latest book, calls it “the comeback.” Ironically, this term usually refers to sports figures who have had an injury or movie stars who have seen their better days, then re-circle for a new chance at fame. Maybe the problem in this new book called The Comeback is that we tend too often to apply shallow sports-hero and movie-star expectations to the eternal work of a lifetime.

With those values saturating our culture, we often feel defeated before we start. For some of us it may feel less like a second chance and more like the first big break still waiting to happen, like all our lives we have worked to “make it” and we never quite did — at least not like we dreamed it would. Whether you are struggling to realize long-held dreams or have “succeeded” on to then crash and burn, this book is for you.

Giglio, the voice that speaks a strong message to 60,000 teenagers at a time, is this time speaking into the private places of disappointment one person at a time. You. Me. Whether you need to stop and reboot or are holding on tooth and nail to a never-realized dream, Giglio wants you to find the God who is in the business of giving fresh starts to worn-out people. And, as the subtitle of this book insists, “It’s not too late, and you’re never too far.”

Using encouraging examples of real people, including himself, Giglio hits at the core of who we really are and were intended to be. But this is not a book of easy answers. It is a dream-adjuster, a hope-renewer, a goal-changer.

The Comeback speaks equally to young people who are struggling with finding direction and to those who have faithfully pursued different options but have seemingly failed to find their niche in life. For anyone, it is a revelation of the identity God intended for us from before the foundations of the world, and a fresh call to discard false values and zero in on the things that last forever.