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Robin Roberts' Mother, Lucimarian, Passes Away at Age 88
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ABC News reports that the mother of “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts has died at the age of 88. Robin has often spoken of her mother, Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, and their close relationship.

When Bill Gaither interviewed Robin for Homecoming earlier in 2012 (which can be seen here), he was impressed by Robin's positive outlook and the strong cord of faith running through the Roberts family. Gloria Gaither expresses her condolences here:

We were so sad to hear about the death of Robin Roberts’ mother, Lucimarian Roberts, on August 30.  We had only recently featured an interview in Homecoming Magazine that Bill did with Robin in the issue about courage to make it through the tough circumstances of life. After learning that she had been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, and taking a leave from “Good Morning America” to seek treatment, Robin learned that her mother was near death and drove with her sister through the aftermath of hurricane Isaac to be with their mother in Mississippi.

Lucimarian Roberts was the first African-American to lead the Mississippi Board of Education and had recently authored with Robin a book—
My Story, My Song—about her life. She was a lover of gospel music and the music of the church.  One of her early influences was the Church of God, the movement in which my (Gloria’s) parents pastored. We shared a love for some of the camp meeting songs that shaped our lives like “I Am a Child of God” and “I Am the Lord’s I Know.” Perhaps the lyric to the last song would best sum up the assurance that will be sustaining the Roberts family through another difficult time. We pray that it will also sustain Robin as she faces this new health challenge.

    Whether I live or die,
    Whether I wake or sleep,
    Whether upon the land or on the stormy deep,
    When it’s serene and calm
    Or when the wild winds blow,
    I shall not be afraid. I am the Lord’s, I know.

                            --Charles Naylor

On Thursday, August 30, Robin traveled with her sister Sally-Ann through flooded and blocked roads ravaged by Tropical Storm Isaac and arrived just in time to be by their beloved mother’s side in Mississippi before she passed. It was the very same day that Robin had departed from “Good Morning America” on an extended medical leave for treatment of the bone marrow disorder MDS, for which Sally-Ann has been undergoing preparations to be the donor.

During her final visit with her mother, Robin expressed her" feelings on her Facebook page. “Sally-Ann and I finally made it home to MS late this afternoon to be with our beloved 88-year-old mother. We draw such strength from Momma. Her health is failing, but her spirit is strong. A CD of her favorite hymns is playing in her room. So thankful for my sister, Dorothy, and the nurses who have been caring for her. I will cherish these moments I have with Mom.

In addition to her three daughters, Lucimarian is survived by a son and eight grandchildren.