God gave me this poem for our Easter card one year. Having been to Jerusalem, I was imagining how I would feel and respond had I been there for the Lord's triumphant entrance (as well as later when He was condemned). It was/is actually a prayer.

Royal Reception

Ride into my heart as on that day,
On lowly donkey without bray.
I welcome You with childlike praise,
Shouting Hosanna as I gaze.
On Majesty in Mercy's dress,
Confessing my unworthiness.
Fall at Your feet and call You Lord,
My will and Yours in one accord.
My waving palm proclaims You King,
Declares You first in everything.
Now let me never run away,
Nor doubt, deny, nor love betray,
But let me be Your hands and feet
Gladly serving all I meet.
Live in me as I live in You,
So others want to know You too.
Until the day You come for me,
To take me Home for Eternity.

                                                               — Carol Nickel
                                                               Hilton Head, South Carolina