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Russ Taff Recovering from Surgery
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Gaither Homecoming friend and former Vocal Band member Russ Taff is recovering following knee replacement surgery on Monday morning, September 21, 2015.

Here's an excerpt from Russ' wife Tori's blog,, posted on Sunday:

He has been in so much pain for so long. Honestly, it has affected every aspect of his life for about the last year and a half, and it is now so bad that he basically spends about 80% of his day sitting on the couch in the parlor with ice on his knee—and to add insult to injury, that doesn’t even help because it hurts even when he’s not moving! Dealing with the pain drains all of his energy, and there’s not much left for anything else.

The main problem is arthritis, but also hereditary– his parents and brothers have all had knee troubles. We have already tried injections– several kinds in fact, including the latest technology. But his knees have deteriorated waaay past the point where the shots can help, and they are absolutely no longer effective. We’re not sure how long his recovery will take, and how long it will be until he’s able to travel, so as far as upcoming concerts are concerned, we’re just taking it a day at a time. And Russ absolutely does know how important it is to faithfully do his physical therapy after the operation. He did great after his rotator cuff surgery because he was so conscientious about not slacking off, so I know he’ll follow through this time, too.

Tori reported Monday afternoon that the surgery went very well and that Russ was expected to be able to go home mid-week. She added, "Dr. Lawrence said he can't believe how bad it was, and that Russ must have the pain threshold of a Viking!"

Prayers are appreciated for the Taff family as Russ continues to recover. Visit his Facebook page for updates from Tori!

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