Welcome to today's great collection of SocialCam moments, featuring the Gaither Vocal Band, Joe Bonsall, Jeff Easter, Mark Lowry and Michael English!

First, if you haven't already seen this amazing performance, here is the Gaither Vocal Band singing "The Star-Spangled Banner," which grabbed the number one spot on SocialCam within 48 hours. You'll love it! And if you enjoy today's videos, be sure to share the page link with someone else who might enjoy them too!

As you may have heard, country music lost one of its legends this week when George Jones passed away of respiratory failure. Here, Joe Bonsall says goodbye to "the Possum."

And now for something completely different! Those of you with weak stomachs may not want to see this one, but if you are brave enough, watch Jeff Easter as he eats a....well, you'll have to watch to find out!

Finally, this one is a bit hard to describe... Mark Lowry and Michael English pay tribute to the show Duck Dynasty in a creative (and, well, a little nutty) video: