We've found some fun SocialCam moments from NQC 2012 for you, and also a very sweet video of Mark Lowry's mother, singing hymns with her family. First up, we have Ronnie Booth and Jim Brady, who are having a little fun with Karen Peck!

Next, we have the King and Queen of SocialCam, Mark Lowry and Kelly Nelon, chatting about Kelly's wardrobe and Norman Holland's SGMG Lifetime Achievement Award.

Now we have a couple of great musical moments for you; first is the Gaither Vocal Band reunion - the camera is a bit shaky, but it's fun to see all these guys together again!

This arrangement of "It is Well with My Soul," sung by the group Sisters, is simply breathtaking!

And finally, this is not from NQC, but it's too sweet to leave out. Mark Lowry and some other family members gather around the bed of his mother, Beverly, to sing hymns with her. She is suffering from dementia and has trouble remembering a lot, but she has not forgotten her love for her Savior!