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'Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus'
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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
by Dr. Nabeel Qureshi

With degrees in medicine, religion and apologetics, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi could simply have chosen to write an expert theological treatise comparing Islam and Christianity. But in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Qureshi goes deeper, sharing his personal journey of faith and struggle in a way that invites readers to walk it — to feel it — with him.

Qureshi describes growing up as an American-born Muslim with parents who dearly loved their children and were passionately devoted to their faith. He presents a view of Christianity through Muslim eyes, explaining why the chasm between the two religions (as well as Eastern and Western cultures) can seem very deep and wide, indeed.

A friendship with a Christian who truly cares for Qureshi, despite their differences, leads him to begin questioning what he believes. As he begins a quest to prove Islam as the true way, Qureshi is shocked instead to discover a powerful case for Christianity, and he begins the heartbreaking inner struggle of Muslims who find themselves grappling with the gospel. For many, deciding to follow Jesus is not easy, knowing it will be accompanied by shame, rejection, strained (or severed) family ties or even worse. But in the midst of his turmoil, Qureshi is met by God, who brings revelation in both natural and supernatural ways.

This book will encourage Christian readers in their faith and give them a fresh appreciation of how better to understand and reach out to their Muslim neighbors. As Lee Strobel writes in the foreword, “It’s a saga that needs to be read, far and wide, by all people who value truth and ache to know God personally.”