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Siblings Get A "Before-Concert" Experience
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(Pictured right: Nathaniel, Kevin Williams, Devona and Sarah)

Two of my siblings, Devona and Nathaniel and I went to our first Gaither concert in Oklahoma City, Okla., on May 21, 2011. We got there in time to get into the auditorium before they let the doors open to the public (thanks to Kevin Williams, the Gaither Vocal Band’s guitarist/ comedian). We had a fun time listening to Rory Rigdon and the other guys do a soundcheck...they were cracking jokes left and hilarious! The concert was great, as we expected. After the concert, we talked with Kevin about our grandma’s 1937 Martin acoustic guitar. We told him that when the GVB stopped in Tulsa that coming November, we should meet up so he could see it and play it. He told us that those types of guitars are his favorite. After e-mailing each other back and forth in the following months, when the concert time came we met up before the concert and he was able to enjoy playing it. We had lots of fun chatting with him and hearing him play. Unfortunately, there’s not a picture to prove that Kevin played our guitar, but if you ask Kevin, he’ll tell you he did! My siblings and I now have a favorite Homecoming artist — Kevin Williams! Kevin is such a kind, funny guy who has not only become a great friend of ours but he has also become one of our favorite musicians. He is a great guitarist. I highly recommend getting his CDs. We’ll never forget this great memory! Thanks Kevin!

Sarah Hutson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma