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Solveig's "Safe and Sound"
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Dove Award-winning artist Solveig Leithaug has graced the Homecoming stage and videos for nearly a decade. Her wonderful new release, Finding Home, reflects the culmination of years of life, growth, faith and musical exploration. With a dream team of musicians and co-writers, Solveig has crafted this breathtaking collection of songs, which point us to the moments, the people, the Creator and the countless gifts waiting to be noticed along our voyage home.

In the May/June issue of Homecoming Magazine, we honor veterans, those brave souls who have sacrificed much in service to their country. For this issue, Solveig shares a beautiful tribute she penned, dedicated to family members of deployed military, and she also included the lyrics to "Safe and Sound," one of the songs from Finding Home. The touching lyrics are inspired by those who keep the home fires burning while their loved ones are deployed—those who pray, hope, wonder and worry, often while raising children and working.

As a gift to Homecoming readers, Solveig offers this free download of "Safe and Sound." Homecoming fans will recognize Buddy Greene's infectious harmonica on the track, which is produced by Steve Hindalong (Sixpence None the Richer, Leeland, Sara Groves. City on a Hill). Solveig co-wrote with Gary Sadler, a platinum-selling songwriter/producer/musician. We know you'll love it as we do! You can follow along with the lyrics below...

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With deepest gratitude I dedicate this song to all family members of deployed military personnel waiting for your loved one to return.  ~ Solveig

In the wee small hours of the morning dark
When the robin wakens the dawn
With the mockingbird and the meadowlark
You are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

When the fireflies come like a summer dream
And the honeysuckle's in bloom
When the poplar sway in a gentle breeze
Oh, you are on my mind
Yes, you are on my mind

Down the cobblestone to the village square
While the baker sets his dough
I walk our dog in the autumn air
But you are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

Safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me

When the arctic wind begins to blow
And the chimney's smoking all night
Then I think of how you love the snow
'Cause you are on my mind
Oh, you are on my mind

When your ship drops anchor at Sterling Bay
And your feet are safely on shore
My yearlong night will break into day
'Till then you are on my mind
Oh, darling, you’re on my mind
Safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me
Oh, safe and sound, safe and sound
Please come home to me, home to me

Solveig Leithaug © 2013 Apple Cake Music / Admin / Gary Sadler © 2013 Paintbrush Music, ASCAP / CCLI Song ID: 7005705