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Song In The Night
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When I first heard “He Touched Me,” I knew I was hearing a very special song. I love so many of your great songs, but that one is the most special to me. Jesus has touched me, indeed. Through the suffering time in my life, He has given me “songs in the night” many times. They came to me with words and music. I’m a pianist and can read music, but I don’t know how to write down the melodies.

You are a blessing to me and so many others with your God-given and shared talents. May God always bless you as you serve our great King.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

When I sail on waters of tranquility,
Or on turbulent waves of the sea,
When I’m anchored on calm, still waters,
Or when pounding surf seems to cover me!

Jesus is guiding my frail vessel,
He charts my course, my destination,
He calms the waters, stills the tempest,
Guiding me, protecting me,
Till someday, in Heaven’s harbor, I will abide.

Oh, my friend, how do you face the raging waters,
Do you sometimes feel that you’re about to drown?
Let Jesus take command of your sinking vessel,
For in Jesus, peace and safety can be found!

Jesus will guide your frail vessel,
He’ll chart your course, your destination,
He’ll calm the waters, still the tempest,
Guiding you, protecting you,
Till someday, in Heaven’s harbor, you will abide.