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'Songs Are Like Seeds' by Kristyn Getty
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In a recent Facebook post, Homecoming friend and modern-day hymn writer Kristyn Getty shared these thoughts about God's wondrous gift of song:

"[My daughter] Eliza loves to blow the seeds off a dandelion — who doesn't?! I was thinking about it today as she came to a small event we were doing. It was the first time I've looked over at her while I've been singing and actually seen her little smiling face singing along. The muscles of her musical memory are growing and kicking into action!

"See, songs are like seeds. The messages they carry take deeper root in us because art, like music and poetry, uniquely captivates the memory and the soul. They help grow the story of what we think, how we feel about things, and what we treasure most.

"As a parent reading the verse 'train a child in the way they should go and it will not depart from them' (Proverbs 22:6), I've been thinking how songs are one of the greatest gifts we have been given to encourage just that. It's so important that we have songs that speak to the deep things about God. It might be the voice that draws a child back home. It might be the last rope that holds a heart steady in the great storms of life. It might give language to the desire in the call to mission as in, for example, the hymn 'Facing a Task Unfinished' has done for the work in China. It might be the answer to a question nothing else can quite answer.

"Psalm 22 is a song written by David but tells another's experience — the suffering of our Lord. Tim Keller writes that it gives us 'a look into the horror and agony of His heart, described by Jesus Himself. Reading the Psalm is like standing on holy ground.' (Keller, The Songs of Jesus). It's incredible that in Christ's moment of deepest anguish He reaches for a song that He probably learned as a little boy. Yes, it unfolds the plans of God so that we can understand, but it also speaks to His personal acceptance and understanding of His Father's will.

"So let's continue to sow songs into our hearts and into the hearts of others young and old — songs long written and songs where the paint is still wet! We need them. Our souls will depend on it."

Irish-born Kristyn Getty and her husband Keith have written and recorded many modern hymns sung in the church today. They make their home both in Northern Ireland and Nashville and enjoy raising their three daughters, Eliza Joy, Charlotte and Grace.Visit