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Soul Mates
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When we first met so long ago,
          our hearts were young and gay.
My eyes caught a glimpse of a nice young man
          the Lord had sent my way.
To hear your voice on the telephone,
          it gave my heart a thrill.
Had I found my soul mate at last?
         Could this love be really real?

The years that we shared together
         made our life complete
Until one day a stranger came,
         one which I could not defeat.
Why did the Parkinson’s rob us?
         The answer I’ll never know.
I love you now as in the beginning,
         I am here! But where did you go?

Sometimes you hear but you don’t answer,
         your thoughts I can’t understand—
Your loss of time and days remembered,
         with no response when I hold your hand.

I guess that’s why there are “soul mates,”
         Because love goes beyond words and deeds.
When times of understanding surpass us,
        We’re overwhelmed with each other’s needs.

I’ll do my best to care for you;
         I hope that you will always know
I love you now as in the beginning.
         I am here! But where did you go?

Auburndale, Florida