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Spontaneous Song
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Thank you so much for the July/August issue of Homecoming with its emphasis on “Facing and Embracing Loss.” Like always, I devoured every word of the magazine in one sitting. I so appreciated all the Homecoming artists sharing from their pain about the losses they have faced in their lives. Everyone’s insights were so helpful to me as I watch my mother drift farther and farther away from us because of Lewy Body Dementia. (What I wouldn’t give to sit down and talk with Sheri Easter!)

Recently as I was driving to the nursing home to be with Mom, I was praying and asking God to give me the fruit of the Spirit as I deal with her. One phrase popped into my mind. “Let God Be God!” Though I am a writer, this had never happened to me before. By the time I had driven the eight miles, more words were coming as well as a tune. Perhaps these lyrics, based on Joshua 24, 1 Kings 18 and “life,” can be a blessing to someone else.

Fostoria, Ohio