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It Takes a Child to Lead Us to the Christmas Child
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As we approach our country’s most significant holiday and the season of greatest joy, do you, like me, find yourself unconsciously agitated that the reason for the Christmas season is being slowly hijacked by a strident sliver of the population, as the rest of us, the vast majority, stand helplessly by?

Do you wince at the thought of gazing into store windows that once gaily celebrated joy to the world, but have now become muted and dimmed rather than rallying for the light?

Do you pray for a day when Christmas Eve will once again be accompanied by open displays of baby Jesus in the manger while wide-eyed children await Christmas morning in depictions like Norman Rockwell paintings?

My wife Louise and I do. And this Godwink story is one of my favorites. It seems to stand defiantly against the forces that wish to change our beliefs.

Candy Chand was feeling harried. Christmas was but a few days away. She was stuck in traffic and had many things yet to do.

Like so many mothers, Candy balanced her night shift at the hospital with her responsibilities for her family, and at the moment, didn’t want to be late for her son Nicolas’ performance in the kindergarten “Winter Pageant.”

Don’t get me going, she thought, starting to fret all over again that Christ was being erased from everything Christmas ... from the Christmas pageant at school to the signs in stores that now merely say, “Happy Holidays.”

Candy arrived just as the performance was about to unfold and took her seat among a few dozen other parents.

Whew … now she could relax.

She watched as the teachers herded in a flock of adorable 5-year-olds, her own among them, dressed in red and white scarves and fuzzy mittens. Each child carried a white card, about 12 inches by 12 inches with a black letter on it, which they would raise, at the appropriate time, as rehearsed.

Awww. How cute can kindergarteners be, she thought.

Then, she let out an audible giggle when she realized that in this school, children were about to sing a song called “Christmas Love.”

What do you know? A song with the word CHRISTMAS in it! Thank God, she almost shouted aloud.

But what unfolded next became a life-changing moment for Candy. She would witness something so charming that when it was incorporated into a story that she would write, it would suddenly zoom around the Internet and eventually become the title of one of her books.

In her own words, this is how Candy described the Godwink that accompanied the angelic voices of children singing “Christmas Love.”

“The performance was going smoothly, until we noticed her —  a small quiet girl in the front row holding the letter ‘M’ upside down. She was totally unaware that her letter ‘M’ appeared as a ‘W.’

“The audience snickered at this little one’s mistake. The laughter continued until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together ... we all understood the reason we were there.

“As the last letter was held high, instead of CHRISTMAS LOVE … the message read loud and clear: CHRIST WAS LOVE.”

“And, I believe He still is,” wrote Candy in her story that captured the hearts of millions, as it went virally around the globe.

In a single moment of innocence, God used a “mistake” to make a statement by sending a wonderful Godwink and to provide a rallying point for all of us who long for Christ to be restored to our celebrations of Christmas.

As you and your family approach this joyful time of year, let’s think of our own ways to “Stand Up For Jesus” ... our own ways that we can find a way to defy the irksome ways of the “PC Police.”

Perhaps you can say, “Merry Christmas” extra cheerfully to every clerk at every store you visit.

Perhaps you can openly thank God over a meal at a restaurant.

Perhaps you can support those shopkeepers who proudly uphold our treasured Christmas traditions.

Meanwhile, Louise and I loudly and cheerfully exclaim: MERRY CHRISTMAS ... and Godwinks to all!