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Susan Inspired by Mark Lowry
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I have seen Mark both in the Gaither Homecoming shows as well as his solo shows. He is BRILLIANT, wise and so knows the Lord. Mark makes me want to be a better Christian and get to know our Lord much more. It goes without saying about his humor, but behind that humor he appears (I don’t really know him, but the perception I have of him is...) to be a remarkable Christian and person. He appears to be loved by a lot of people and has friends coming out of the woodwork and seems to be the best friend one could ever want or have. His heart seems to be HUGE. Every time I meet Mark I behave like a schoolgirl and get extremely shy... Other than at NQC, I have met Mark on two cruises. One was Alaska 2009, the same cruise which was taped for the two FANTASTIC Alaska Homecoming DVDs. And I made the cover! It’s a tiny picture of me, but hey, I made the cover!

This picture (see above) was taken right after the “autograph session” on the cruise. I waited like a stalker until the session was over! As Mark was trying to make a quick exit, I stopped him and asked if he minded if I could have a picture with him. Thanks Mark!

Susan Werchonowicz
Brampton, Ontario, Canada