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Sweet Treats from Claude Hopper
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The Hoppers' Claude Hopper, Gospel Music Hall of Fame legend and industry icon, has announced the release of his brand-new line of chocolate candy – “Claude’s Choco Candy.”
As most gospel music fans know, Claude Hopper carried a candy called ClodHoppers for many years. The Hershey Corporation recently acquired that trademark and the candy is no longer available. Ever the entrepreneur, Claude began searching for a new candy and “Claude’s Choco Candy” was born.
Proceeds from candy sales go to benefit the Hopper Heritage Foundation. Claude Hopper has been a fierce advocate for education among the youth. Claude Hopper began the Hopper Heritage Foundation more than 50 years ago to offer scholarships to the next generation of singers, ministers and business executives who desire to further their education and who share Christian values.
Claude Hopper says, “I believe that this great country needs our next generation to be as successful in their life as the last generation – not necessarily in wealth, but rich in value, ready to sow what they have learned into the ones that follow them.”
Through ongoing support, Claude Hopper and the Hopper Heritage Foundation continues to enrich the lives of countless individuals each year.
"Claude's Choco Candy" is available at all Hoppers' concerts and online at
For more information on the Hopper Heritage Foundation, visit