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The Existence of God
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Can you see the wind? I don’t think so. So how do you know that it’s there? You see trees swaying, leaves floating and you feel it. It’s the same with God. You can’t see Him, but I know He’s there because I can see His work.

How do you think trees got here? One seed didn’t just decide to exist and grow; someone had to create it. Someone had to plant it and provide it with sustenance. Now think about water. Trust me, science can prove you can’t take a rock — or a billion rocks for that matter — and make water, not even under extreme pressure. Someone had to combine one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms to make water. It didn’t make itself!

The Someone who created plants and animals and water was the same Someone who created you and me — God. God exists; don’t you even begin to doubt it. You and I both know humans aren’t capable of actually creating from nothing — not even air — an entire universe. God is a great, awesome, perfect being who loves you — yes, you — everything you ever were, are and ever will be with a great, overfl owing, jealous love. And He just wants you to love Him back. As much as you may doubt that God really exists, He does and wants more than anything for you to love Him. Not so He can feel loved, but so you can be blessed by Him. God will always be there, even when you can’t feel Him — right up to the minute you die. He’s reaching out for you to love Him so you can be truly, truly happy.

God is real and He loves you. Will you love Him back?

Chandler, Arizona