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The Journey
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You are about to take a journey that will carry you away.
This journey will take you to a distant land where the world has no say.

Its beauty will clearly be seen, its breathtaking glory one must see to believe.
This journey is not a place, it does have a loving face.

This glory is powerful for all who are there.
There are people who really care.

This journey is a forever walk with Christ, Where He will guide you and keep you safe.
This walk will be at a step-by-step pace.

I’ve been on this journey and I’m still there,
It’s a continual walk with stumbles and snares.

One thing I’ve learned is that Jesus is always there,
To love me, hold me, and keep me in His tender care.

His love will clearly be shown,
Even in the times you think He left you to stand alone.

Coldwater, Mississippi