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'The Time Keeper'
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by Mitch Albom

A guy obsessed with counting things…
a teenaged girl dying to be wanted, chosen…
a billionaire whose hubris is beyond terminal…

These unlikely three — a trio with time as their common denominator — are the tripod on which Mitch Albom sets the camera that he uses to capture the episodes of his new novel, The Time Keeper.

With the storytelling skill he made famous in the bestsellers Tuesdays With Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, For One More Day and Have a Little Faith, Albom puts an hourglass into the hand of every reader, causing us to consider the moments each is given and then to see beyond the “how” of spending that resource to the “why” of it. Maybe even beyond the purpose of the way we spend our time, Albom wants us to see that there is eternity in every moment and begin to recognize something to which time is irrelevant, yet priceless at the same time.

A book for all generations, The Time Keeper is a must-read-together for families who want to talk about important life issues. High-school teachers might want to add it to their students’ reading list, and it would make a great book for youth groups to read, then discuss around the fi replace this winter. Men’s and women’s study groups will fi nd this story digging into the priorities we set (or fail to set) and helping readers shed the masquerade of churchy labels we all too often use to hide our all-too-shallow practices.

This one is sure to be a movie!