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The Ultimate Artist
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This is a poem that my husband wrote. When I asked him how he came up with it, he told me he didn’t — God did. His name is Joel Emerson.

Hayes, Virginia


Who is the one who paints the sky,
with fire and light and clouds on high?
The rise of the sun with brilliant hues,
red, purple, gold and shades of blue.
Radius beams extend from the sun,
glowing perfection, the day’s begun.
This painting, it changes minute by minute,
and wonder of wonders, we’re standing there in it.
Creation we view at the height of its beauty,
to marvel the artist in love is our duty.
A sculptor diverse from mountains to flowers,
it’s all ever-changing from unfathomed powers.
A tiny new baby in humanlike form,
His gift to us, likewise were we born.
God gives us a chance to help in His art,
to bring up a child reverent and smart.
Or teach it the way of hatred and sin,
a terrible way for a life to begin.
A beautiful canvas Holy and pure,
to paint with the Master, its finish is sure.
To be greater, grander than any sunrise,
God’s greatest creation in His all-seeing eye.
A spirit that’s born from Christ by His Love,
nurtured by you and received from above.
Inexplicable beauty and no greater art,
than a human redeemed by Christ in his heart.

— Joel Emerson