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Update from Rickey Gooch
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In February, after discovering a knot in his neck, Rickey Gooch (husband to Karen Peck Gooch) had some tests done and was handed a frightening diagnosis of squamous carcinoma. Thankfully, the cancer was confined to Rickey's left tonsil area and had not spread. After several difficult months undergoing treatment, Rickey shared some good news in July 2015:

"Thanks everyone for your prayers. I have been overwhelmed by your kindness and support. The doctor says that the PET scan looks good and normal, and as far as he is concerned, I am cured. I will go for a checkup once a month over the next year. Please continue to pray for healing of the inner lining of my mouth, tongue and the saliva glands. It is still a challenge to eat certain foods. With the Lord's help, I am persevering.

Thanks for lifting me up through all of this. It has been a trying time but God has been faithful.

Love y'all,

Rickey Gooch"

Karen is also very thankful and posted this video:

Good news! PTL

Posted by Karen Peck Gooch on Wednesday, July 15, 2015