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Warning from Gaither Music
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We at Homecoming Magazine wanted to pass along this public service announcement from the Gaither Music team:


Friends, we have received a number of calls in the Gaither offices informing us that “Bill Gaither” contacted them on Facebook about concert bookings or donating money to specific causes. Please know that anyone sending private messages as Bill Gaither on Facebook is doing so fraudulently. All official Facebook activity from Bill, Gloria, the Gaither Vocal Band, or Gaither Music Company is posted on the Friends of Gaither Music Facebook page.

If you have received messages from anyone claiming to be Bill Gaither, please do not engage with the person and, by all means, do not discuss or contribute money to the person who is falsely representing himself as Bill Gaither. We highly recommend that you unfollow/unlike any Facebook accounts claiming to be Bill Gaither or the Gaither Vocal Band. If you have sent money to a scammer claiming to be Bill Gaither, please email our Customer Service department at with your name, address, phone number, email and a copy of the email or Facebook message(s) you have received from the person claiming to be Bill Gaither. We appreciate your help and recommend caution about communicating online with anyone asking for money or claiming to be someone you might normally trust.

Thank you to everyone who has called to verify the identity of the person sending them messages in Bill’s name. Your help is crucial in helping us stop the fraudulent activity as quickly as possible.

Please share this post to we can get the warning out to as many people as possible.

Thank you!

The Gaither Music team