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Welcome Home: The Battle of the Weeds!
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Weeds! In the garden and in life they seem to grow on their own, while flowers need nurturing, care and pruning. The best way to deal with unwanted growings either place is to stay ahead of them and keep at it! A beautiful garden is worth the effort. Here are some ways to make the “weed fighting” a bit easier:

    Mix organic materials in the soil to give it richness
    and keep it soft. Not only does this make the soil
    more nutritious for the plants, it makes it easier to
    pull the weeds.

    Be sure to get the whole root when pulling weeds.
    (For me, it is harder to feel the root let go if you
    wear gloves; but if you wear gloves, choose ones
    that are thin and fit snuggly to fingers.)

    Never let weeds stay around long enough to seed; thus making the work easier later.

    After the garden is clear of weeds, spread a good layer of peat or other moisture-holding mulch, working it
    around the plants. This discourages weeds and encourages wanted plants by preserving moisture.

    Haul pulled weeds away from the garden area so they cannot drop seeds in the garden area.

The stronger the flowers, the less vulnerable they will be to being overwhelmed by weeds. When weeds are allowed to get the upper hand, ridding the garden of them gets harder, and the plants suffer because of the drain the weeds make on water and nutrients.

A little consistent inventory and quick action save the gardener a lot of agony, and the rewards in beauty and color are well worth it.