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What Will You Remember Most From 2014?
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As we say goodbye to 2014, we'd like to take a moment to pause and be grateful for the Lord's blessings in our lives during the year. We asked Homecoming artists and our Facebook and Twitter followers to tell us about one of their personal highlights during 2014. Here are some of their answers, and please feel free to add yours in the comments below!


Phil and Kim Collingsworth: "The arrival of our first grandchild, Emma Olivia Blair!"

Kelly Nelon Clark: "A highlight of 2014 for me would be standing, singing, praying at the bedside of my aunt as she made her entrance into Heaven!"

Amber Nelon Thompson: "I would say that this year God really worked in my life in a miraculous way and showed His love for me more than ever before."

Jim Brady: "Stepping out in faith to start a new ministry with my wife."

Dean Hopper: "Knowing that my mom and Kim's are doing well. Grateful!"

Kelly Bowling: "Watching my daughter Hope step up and take her place in our ministry. A very proud 'Mom' moment. :)"


Shirley Greenfield: "Thanks to Kevin Williams, I got the courage to hold a man's hand. We are now engaged to be married."

Sandy Stapleton: "All of the Gaither events I got to attend this year!"

Larissa Heanssler: "My 4th mission trip to Honduras."

Lydia Boley: "I started college this year, and came out at the end of the semester with four As and only one B!"

Kim Ramsey Preston: "My son gave me a year subscription to Gaither TV for my birthday. Now I can watch the Homecoming videos on my mobile devices any time and any place."

Janet Benson: "Giving my life back to God at a Jason Crabb concert."

Brenda Dyer: "Quit smoking/vaping after 30+ years."