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"When Your Parent Becomes Your Child"
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When Your Parent Becomes Your Child by Ken Abraham (Thomas Nelson)

Ken Abraham has made himself a reputation for being an author of national bestsellers by helping other people tell their stories — people like Bob Dole (One Soldier’s Story), Lisa Beamer (Let’s Roll!) and Tracy Stewart (Payne Stewart). Homecoming friends will recognize his name as the writer of the stories of Vestal Goodman (Vestal!) and Bill Gaither (More Than the Music).

This time, however, Ken is telling his own story of the journey he and his family made with his mother down the long road of dementia. When Your Parent Becomes Your Child (Thomas Nelson) is way more than a discussion of a debilitating disease that currently affects an estimated 24 million people. It is a very personal story full of discovery, humor and heartbreak. It is also a revealing story of one son’s denial, exhaustion and, most importantly, resilience of his and his failing mother’s faith and the power of music to bring encouragement and joy along the most difficult of pathways.

When Your Parent Becomes Your Child is an education in the progressing symptoms of dementia and how one family strove to honor their parent through the sunshine and rain, the hope and despair while keeping an eternal perspective and working to give what every person needs most — love and a sense of dignity.

This book and the journey it celebrates may be Ken Abraham’s best-yet accomplishment. It should take its place alongside such classics in its genre with No More Words by Reeves Lindberg and The Long GoodBye by Patti Reagan Davis. Maybe one day, too, Ken’s book will be a film as powerful as Away from Her starring Julie Christie.

For all in the middle generation between young adult children and aging parents, this book is a must. It should be on the bookshelves of families everywhere and the counselors who help them walk together through the hard places of life.