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Words of Wisdom from Larnelle Harris
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(Pictured right: Larnelle Harris and Verona)

On a recent Gaither Alaskan cruise, I had the privilege of talking with Larnelle Harris about sharing musical talents in performance. I am a violinist in our local symphony orchestra and frequent soloist in my church, and he gave me wise words of not becoming proud of our talents when we are bombarded with compliments. He had such a humble approach when talking about his marvelous talents. He let me see that we bless others with our music only when we get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit speak through us. I wrote this poem after our meeting.

Humility shows a willing servant’s heart,
wipes away all foolish pride.
Let us honor the Lamb of Calvary
who in humility bled and died.

Christ humbled himself in sacred sacrifice,
as He clung to that old rugged tree.
How can we do less than honor Him,
with thanks for what He did for you and me.

He who thinks of himself as great,
shall be humbled before others.
He who humbles himself in selfless service,
shall be exalted among his brothers.

— Verona Sorenson
Arcata, California