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Words That Sparked A Song
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I recently attended the Gaither Songwriting Intensive, which was just life-changing. On the final day, Gloria said such an impactful statement for me and so many others. She said, “We live in a do world, when God wants us to be.” She said that God names us, but the world labels us. It’s as if she took the words that I couldn’t express and formed them so poignantly! I was feeling especially “busy” at the time, trying to be a great wife, mom, friend, teacher, daughter, granddaughter. I was stretched so thin that I didn’t think I was good at anything! I was doing instead of being who He called me to be. I recently wrote a song that goes along with this beautiful message.

I didn’t get a picture with Gloria, which I realized as I was leaving. Every time I was with her, I was just so intent on her words that I couldn’t think about getting a picture! I will have to next year!

(< Paige at the piano)


Hayden, Alabama