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You Spoke, Solid Gospel Network Listened
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Salem Communications’ Solid Gospel Network has announced a new initiative to create more exposure for southern gospel music artists. Under the direction of new program director Greg Goodman, the network will begin airing more of the new singles that are being released by charting artists.

Goodman explains, “Our listeners have told us they want more variety and we are pleased to give this to them.  Not only are we playing more new music, but we will be playing more of the hits from the past five to 10 years.  Additionally, we will be rotating in some classic Southern Gospel songs that are considered Southern Gospel standards from the past.”

Kevin Anderson, Director of Sales for Solid Gospel adds, “As we seek to serve and grow the Southern Gospel Music listening audience and industry, we have decided that a playlist that includes the top 60 songs appearing on the Singing News’ monthly national chart just makes sense and gives quality new music a chance to be heard.”

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For more information, Greg Goodman can be contacted at or 615-850-7034.

For information regarding marketing opportunities on the Solid Gospel Radio Network, contact Kevin Anderson at