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You've Got Personality!
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To say that your favorite singers, songwriters, musicians and performers have lots of personality might be the understatement of the century. Throughout the Homecoming family — just like in every family — a wide range of temperaments is on full display, from the most emotional extroverts (no shocker there, right?) to the most reflective introverts (yes, that’s true too). To quantify some of the quirkiness in our midst, we invited the Homecoming Friends to take a variation of the Jung Typology Test, which began as a three-part indicator and was tweaked when Isabel Briggs Myers added a fourth category. THE TEST GATHERS DATA THROUGH 72 QUESTIONS AND THEN DIVIDES THE TAKER INTO ONE OF 16 CATEGORIES BASED ON FOUR MEASURES: INTROVERT/EXTROVERT, SENSING/ INTUITION, THINKING/FEELING, AND JUDGING/PERCEIVING. Considering everyone’s full tour and recording schedules, we were thrilled that 45 artists took on the challenge, and we think the results of their tests are fascinating. In the following pages, we present each artist’s disposition, how their results compare with others (including a number of famous personalities), and how some of the participants reacted to where they and others landed.

Of the test’s 16 personality combinations, 12 of them were a fit for at least one artist in our survey, and most categories had a sprinkling of participants.

“The Homecoming family is certainly diverse,” notes Woody Wright. “I think the differences are a beautiful living palette of artistry — not just musically, but personally.”

Even so, one category did lead the way, with 11 artists: ENFJ, or Extrovert-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging, includes Gloria Gaither, Wright and nine cohorts who tend to be “diplomats, mentors, mesmerizing speakers and charismatic leaders.”

Gloria’s place came as no surprise to anyone. “I am always mesmerized by the wisdom she has when she speaks,” says Kelly Nelon Clark.


Reflecting on his popular personality type, Woody Wright issues a fitting proclamation: “Being a charismatic diplomat, I would like to say to all of the other ENFJs: It is truly an honor to be included in a list with you. And I must say, that would be a most excellent dinner-party guest list.”

Fellow ENFJ Calvin Newton adds, “I am surprised to find myself in a category headlined diplomatic. I’ve always felt myself to be otherwise. But I’ve tried for many years to become more diplomatic, so maybe those efforts have succeeded!

“I’m amazed at the list,” he adds. “Looking at them — I mean, probably the greatest lyricist of all time, and some of the  nest musical talents — I know exactly what Minnie Pearl meant when she said, ‘I’m just so proud to be here!’”

Most shared Paschal’s view of the test’s accuracy. “I’m not surprised at the results for my own personality type,” says Lily Isaacs, one of five ENTJs. “I guess I am strong-willed and try to fix everything (and maybe everyone).

“I am, however, surprised to be in the same category as Bill Gaither, Madison Easter and Jim Brady,” she says. “I’m proud to be associated with the same personality type as these three gentlemen. I know from experience that Bill is bold, imaginative and strong-willed. I guess that’s why he gets things done.”

Sue Dodge also found herself in good company. “That really does fit who I believe I am,” says Dodge, an ESFJ along with Adam Crabb, Wes Hampton and Ivan Parker, “even though I am super spontaneous and can fly by the seat of my pants quite easily.”

Lily Isaacs saw a perfect fit in Jonathan Martin’s result (ISFJ). “He is truly a protector. Just look at his amazing family,” she says. “But I was surprised at Wesley Pritchard’s type (ESTP), living on the edge. Go, Wesley!”

“I love this test because there are no wrong answers,” says Reba Rambo-McGuire (INFJ). “I am in the same category as Michael Sykes and Shannon Easter. Shannon is adorable, sweet, bright, talented and very intuitive. Michael is laugh-yourself-silly funny, has a wide-eyed sense of wonder and a great grasp of ‘what works.’ I see a bit of me in both of them; I’m very intuitive, and my inner dialogue is hysterical!”

INFJs tend to have strong writing skills and to value close relationships. “These attributes resonated with me,” Reba says. “I would rather write than almost anything, and I am a friend who sticks closer than a brother to my few inner-circle friends.”

She shares INFJ with a number of famous people, including, “surprise — the two men I had teenage crushes on: Michael Landon and Tom Selleck!”

In several cases, family members took the test and compared their findings. “Like mother, like daughter!” says Destiny Rambo McGuire, one of  five INFJs along with her mom, Reba.

Likewise, Sheri Easter (ISTJ) saw it coming when daughter Morgan joined husband/dad Jeff Easter as an ESFP. “Morgan is just like her daddy, and we needed no proof of that.”

As for her own category — which is known for practicality and reliability — Sheri quipped, “From now on, I’m going to count on (fellow ISTJs) Gene (McDonald) and Lillie (Knauls) a lot more to get the job done!”

Not every artist found category cohorts; four of our 45 test-takers stood alone in their type — Janet Paschal (INTJ), Russ Taff (INFP), Ann Downing (ESTJ) and Wesley Pritchard (ESTP) — although each was only a letter or two away from others. To Paschal, the shoe fits: “I found myself thinking, Yes, absolutely. I can see that! I also found myself thinking, I wish I was more like this person or that person!”

Sheri Easter was not shocked to see husband Jeff in the same grouping as Karen Peck (ESFP). “I’ve told folks for many years that Karen Peck is simply Jeff Easter in a dress,” she says. “Here’s my proof!”

Peering at her own test group, Sheri says, “I thought I had a lot in common with Janet Paschal, Melissa Brady, Jeff Hawes and Joyce Martin Sanders — you know that ‘leader’ kind of thing — and amazingly, all but one of us are in the same category.”

Many were intrigued to see where Mark Lowry would land, and, to no one’s shock, he plopped down alongside Ladye Love Smith as an ENFP.

“I’m not surprised at most of these, but Mark and Ladye Love are so dead-on, I had to chuckle,” Sue Dodge says. Tanya Goodman Sykes concurs: “Ladye and Mark, they’re both so kind — and hyper!” And Lily Isaacs adds, “Of course, Mark is a free spirit, and there’s no one like him … except Ladye; who knew?”

While she found her own result as an ESFP “dead on,” Kelly Nelon Clark observed, “I was surprised to find that Buddy Greene was in the same category. He seems a little more reserved than the rest of us. I thought Ladye Love Smith would be in the same category. She seems as crazy as we are!”

As for sharing personality kinship with Jeff Easter, Karen Peck and Judy Martin, Kelly spied a common thread of levity: “It’s all about the fun!”

For our artists and others who feel stuck in personality traits they might not always like, some recent research points to a hopeful trend. As Janet Paschal points out, in studying personalities within organizations, some experts believe it’s possible to change certain dispositional bents over time. It might not all be in the wiring.

“I was reminded of the little boy who brought home a bad report card,” Paschal says. “[As his father scowled at the report], the boy astutely asked him, ‘Do you think this is a result of heredity or environment?’”

As for Mark Lowry, his on-the-run reaction to scoring as an ENFP — which is defined primarily as a sentinel — was to deadpan, “Hmm. Wait…what’s a sentinel?” Yep. Leave it to a guy whose personality cohorts include Walt Disney and Mark Twain to end our fun little study with a clever quip.

And no Homecoming Friends that took the test found themselves in the following personality types:

Consider taking the same free test yourself that the Homecoming Friends did, if you haven’t already pinpointed your own personality bent. To do so, visit HUMANMETRICS.COM and “Take A Test”.  Or, visit 16PERSONALITIES.COM and take the test. It's super fun! So, where do you fit in? Tell us what your personality is in the comments below!